Here is this week's problem:
Discover one or more activities to celebrate diverse backgrounds. Here are some suggestions:

1. Preview and do a quick review of some websites other thanthe ones I presented n class.

2. List books at various levels that discuss differences. Describe the books.

3. Post 3-5 activities that could be used by teachers confronting diversity issues.

4. Post some team building, getting to know you activities that could be used by teachers in various grades.

5. List common words classroom words that could be posted around your room. Find different languages that could be used to post the words. i.e. Spanish, Hmong, Russian, others you might confront in your practice. The top 20 words for a new student to survive in your room.

6. Look at what others are saying about the multicultural debate. Find examples of the conservative and liberal point of view.

7. Find examples of responsive classrooms. Post the videos, etc.