Here is the sample of my resume when I first applied to Neenah 4 years ago. I am talking to my principal to see if she has any additional comments to help everyone out.
Jill Bowden

Here are the comments that my principal, Mary Renning, added about my resume:

First, I like your format - very similar to the format I like to read and use for myself:
Each and every person you check with will have different things they like to see in a resume, so there really is no right or wrong way to do it.

The best advice one of my professors gave me in graduate school was that the entire goal of the resume is to give a snapshot of who you are while trying to make a connection with whomever is viewing it.
To do this - One thing I like to suggest is adding your high school to the Education section: Name of high school, city and college prep - if you know your gpa great otherwise not that important. Another thing to consider adding is an interest section at the end - sports, hobbies, music, favorite authors, organizations you are associated with (I typically list the Green Acres Boxer Rescue) - again this is just to make a connection with the reader and also give a little insight into who you are from just a sheet of paper.

I would also suggest that you could get rid of the summary section at the beginning which would give you space to add more things later on - eventually some of your student teaching and practicum experiences can go in a section titled - Additional Professional Experiences or Related Professional Experiences (thus summer work can also be listed that you do - even though it isn't teaching it is still important in showing how well rounded and hard working you are)

I would suggest titling your sections:

Professional Objective
Professional Experience(s)
Related Professional Experiences and Certifications