two sides of the education reform issue.

I tried to give you various sides of the standards and reform issues, notonlt NEA or Republican.
THe Story school video provides an example of how to use standards in a creative way. It also speaks to the idea of community resources.

Hi All, Attached is my rebuttal letter to Mr. Concerned Community Member. Thanks! Silena

Hello Class,
My attempt to confront our "concerned citizen" is attached. Please use the discussion board for questions and/or comments...I am open to both.


Hi class... here is my rebuttal to the argument... Thanks! Chris

Hello class,
Here is my synthesis/analysis problem for week one

Ryan Killian

Hello class,
Here is my synthesis problem for week one

Lara Henke

Thanks! Sandy

Hi class, here's my rebuttal. Therese

Hi everyone, here is my rebuttal! Have a good extended weekend!!
Jill Bowden

Hi Mr. R and class,
Here is my response to week 1's synthesis/analysis scenario

Hi all,
It took me long enough to figure out how to post my rebuttal. I hope it works!
Raquel :)